About me

So a bit of information about who I am and what Mangoosta is.

I'm Patryk

Movies are my passion.

I believe that it movies are the strongest form of communication that combines different types of art. I love going to the cinema and soaking up the stories told. I also like to analyze films in terms of camera work, editing and lighting. It inspires me a lot to develop myself in telling your stories.

I really appreciate the works of Andrei Tarkowski, Krzysztof Kieślowski, Gaspar Noe, Thomas Anderson, Lars von Trier and Wojtek Smarzowski. In the new wave, I have a great appreciation for Ari Arister or Robert Eggers.

Favourite movie? It’s hard to pick one, but my top is definitely “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford”, “There Will Be Blood” and “Breaking the Waves”.

The Mangoosta Philosophy

So Mangoosta philosophizes.

Mangoosta Weddings is all about people’s stories. This is a brand for which the story of two people, taking place on the wedding day, matters.

It’s not just a report – it’s mostly emotions, tears, kisses, hugs and curb trips. Mangoosta’s mission is to capture your story and who you are in a film form to which you and your loved ones will often return with a smile on their lips.


How does Mangoosta work?

So a few words about what is important to me



Authenticity is paramount. I want to show you who you are. Each film is completely different because it is about completely different people, which is why I don’t have clichés and ready-made templates. Be sure that you will get a unique product because that’s who you are.



After years of experience with a lot of different equipment, I came to the conclusion that the less the better. On the wedding day, it’s just me and my camera. I don’t scare people with a ton of equipment, I don’t put the lens in the guests’ plates at the tables, I absolutely don’t direct and I don’t arrange anyone. I try to be like a ninja, unnoticed and effective.



I realize that the camera can stress you, so from the beginning I try to shorten the distance between us. I’m looking for a casual, friendly relationship. When it is necessary, I will throw a joke and when it is needed – I offer good advice. Together we can do it!

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I like to receive e-mails from you, so if you have any questions – feel free to write!

I will also be happy to advise you if necessary.

I usually reply within 24 hours.

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