Mine Apple!

moje jablko small

“Mine Apple!” is a story based on real facts! A real allegory about the mystical tempting apple of destiny. And not everything is obvious here – the finale of this story may surprise you.

– Krzysiek, my head is spinning already – said Agnieszka after the thirty-fourth dance turn on a polish national open-air museum.

It was a great wedding, I will never forget it. Agnieszka and Krzysiek are a really funny couple with a great distance to each other. They really like home-made tinctures, home-made cuisine and home-made apples. Yes, we definitely became friends and had a great flow at the wedding, reception and outdoor session.

What I will remember most from that day is the crazy fun at the wedding and Agnieszka’s emotional voice during the oath. Because in addition to humor and distance, they have a lot of love and sensitivity. Thank you for being there with you!

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