Okay, let’s start with the fact that Pola and Daniel are absolutely crazy. I was finally able to make a real rock and roll movie and I knew I could go big with it because they were going to love it!

Outdoor session was something. Motorcycle, leather jacket and Ray-Ban glasses. Totally my vibes. Our recordings were primarily fun. We felt like kids wanting to record something crazy.  I like these outdoor shoots the most. Super positive energy and lots of laughter. Hence the title “Sparks”.

But our film is not only about silliness in the forest. It’s also American in style and splendor. Pola and Daniel know what class is, and they totally showed it. The two Chevrolets didn’t come by as an accident.

I really like this film because the energy I received from Pola and Daniel was unique. They were heavily involved in the recordings and had a lot of fun with it. It was great to see on screen after that. While editing, I had a real crop of great shots. I am very happy that I could capture a part of their world and show you what they are like <3

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