More than than just wedding films

it’s all about emotions


I make wedding videos. But not so ordinary.

My name is Patrick and I love my job. I feel so lucky to be able to say that.

For me, a wedding film is much more than just a reportage. I treat it as a kind of mission. Apart from the wedding itself, I also want to show who you are. I am inspired primarily by emotions and inconspicuously small things. They create the true content, build the story and make it unique.

In my films you will certainly find a lot of laughter and humor, there will also be a bit of solemnity, and sometimes even darkness. I never use any template for that.

I am not inspired by the industry and hackneyed solutions. I don’t do a mass for a simple reason: it’s totally boring and would only burn me out. That is why with each film I raise the bar, look for new energy and creative solutions.

Check out some beautiful stories

You can check out some of my films here. To see more, please check out: FILMY.

What my couples say

After sending a video, I always look forward to reactions.
These speak for themselves:

"Rajd przez życie"
"Spotkajmy się przy schodach"

What will your film be like?

It will certainly describe you. Will it be crazy, calm, sublime or idyllic? I do not know that yet. What I do know for sure is that it will be:




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